Taurus G3 9mm Black Striker-Fired Pistol


In response to consumer demand, Taurus steps boldly into the full-frame striker-fired segment with the all-new G3 semi-auto 9mm pistol.

The G3 starts with a full-size polymer frame that incorporates several features intended to enhance comfort and utility. Most prominent are the aggressively stippled grip patches strategically placed along the front strap, side panels, and back strap. These patches provide a no-slip purchase in the critical areas beneath the shooter’s palm and fingers yet are not so dominant as to be uncomfortable during extended range or competition sessions.

Also aiding in grip and optimal hand alignment is an ergonomically crafted palm swell with smooth contouring located high on the backstrap. This design effortlessly places the strong hand high and tight on the frame, eliminating gapping between the top of the shooter’s hand and the back of the frame and promoting straight wrist alignment for more natural muzzle control.

Further assisting in comfortable, repeatable grip and hand alignment are thumb shelves on either side of the grip. The shelves help the shooter achieve a solid lock and fast grip orientation. They also place the index finger in position for a straight pull on the trigger.

The G3’s ergonomics do not stop at the polymer frame. Smooth contouring along the slide blends with a slightly tapered slide profile to minimize bulk and to deliver comfortable operation when actuating the slide. To ensure a no-slip grip when chambering a cartridge or opening the slide for inspection, the G3 features generous front and rear machined serrations. For smooth holstering and to minimize clothing snags, the G3 has uniform beveling along the front of the slide and frame, and a steep contoured bevel along the back of the slide.

As a striker-fired pistol, the G3 utilizes a single-action firing system once a cartridge is chambered. What sets the G3 apart from competing models is its second-strike capability. In the event of a failure-to-fire condition, the shooter can reset and pull the trigger again to restrike the primer.